Making It Easy for You

We have helped lot of retail and HNI client through our Services services to fulfill their financial goals by making their money work for them a better way.

Who We Are


1. Is There Any Free-Trial Service? If Yes, How Can I Avail That?
Ans. No, We do not offer free-trial for any service, You can ask an expert.

2. What Will Be The Mode Of Services?
Ans. You can receive the recommendations/ Services through Mobile SMS or Messenger.

3. What Are The Modes Of Payments?

4. How Do You Give Calls?
Ans.All calls are given by sms and Messenger.
Refer to the following Abbreviations used in our calls:
SL – Stop Loss.
TG – Target.

5. What Is The Procedue To Subscribe?
Ans. simply talk to our Support Team 24/7 at 9111104806 for assistance.

6. When The Account Does Get Active After Payment?
Ans. Account gets active only after payment received in our bank accounts.

7. Do You Provide BTST/STBT Calls?
Ans. No , we do not offer above mention service.

8.Can We Deposit Cash?
Ans. No.

9. Do You Send E-mails/Newsletters?
Ans. Yes we provide daily and weekly news letter to our clients or they can directly access to our website.

10. Do You Suggest When Can I book Profit Or Exit?
Ans.Yes, we provide proper follow ups to our client.


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